Five websites with children’s ebooks, for quality time in the online space

After our collection of websites full with legal ebooks, we are happy to introduce the following sites that specialize in children’s books. The controversial question among parents is eternal: how much time a child or teenager should spend with tablets, computers and smartphones? We at Art Here, Art Now think that the question should rather be asked: for what reason are these devices used? The bottomless well of literature, from rhymes to poems, from illustrated tales to YA novels, seems to be a good reason for our little ones to get stuck on the internet. Let the adventure begin!

Children’s Storybooks Online

“He dreamt a dream of swimming
    up to see the sky above,
Lit up by the sun in colors
    he just knew he’d love…”

The Journey of the Noble Gnarble (Daniel Errico, Christian Colabelli)

“By the African river, know as the Nile
The sun fell away and it rested a while…”


Puggy Visits The Moon (Thad Roller, Yvonne Roller)

Free Kids Books

“Ammachi! Ammachi! Could we make coconut barfi today?” Sooraj asked his grandmother. “PLEEEEEAASE?”

Kids and Teens sections of the Library of Congress