It could have happened that way too…

(Fiction about 2021)

It’s all just a matter of perspective. Who do we like more?

There is a series of pictures that showing that it was not Hamilton, who collided with Verstappen on the British Grand Prix, but that Verstappen wanted to “accidentally” smash Hamilton on the wall.
He nearly succeeded, however Hamilton took off the gas, so when Verstappen’s right rear wheel hit the front of Hamilton’s car as he pulled the wheel on it. If Hamilton wouldn’t be so careful, probably both of them would hit the wall on the right side. After the puncture, Verstappen crashed into the left wall and had to give up the race.

In Abu Dhabi, Hamilton, leading by more than 18 seconds, seems to be the definite winner, as Verstappen should fight his way through five lapped cars and this is becoming more and more hopeless. At this moment, someone gets the idea that only a miracle could help here, a miracle, which could be influenced. By the grace of the God, Latifi takes the wheel of the miracle and drives his car to full stop.

The safety car comes in; the remaining pilots are peacefully circling, waiting to see what the decision will be, how they will continue the race, if there is still time for this at all. Several pilots change tires, and then the race director makes a very special decision. Only those overtaken riders who were between Hamilton and Verstappen should return their former positions, while the others might stay behind Verstappen, which means a suitable disadvantage for the excellences that follow the leading pair, Sainz, Tsunoda, Gasly and Bottas. Though it’s just a matter of interpretation of the rules, but it’s for sure that something is not correct.

Latifi’s car is slowly cleared away from the track, and at that moment everyone knows that there is a maximum of one lap left in the race. That’s when the idea of the shrewd Mercedes boss comes up. His idea was that their number two driver, Bottas, didn’t had any chance to become world champion, and he was going to leave the team, so why he shouldn’t do a little favor for the team as well, as for the reputation of Mercedes. The task was simple. His car should simply stop before the restart, saying that the engine has taken it so far, you don’t even have to turn into a cross on the track or hit the wall, everything is good in this way; just stopping and getting annoyed by the stroke of fate, which now is only good for one thing; from now on Hamilton is the 2021 world champion, breaking all previous records, for the eighth time. The safety car stays out, the race winds down
nicely, everyone keeps its position, and now the only thing you have to focus on is the possible difference of the income between first and second place.

Well, in any case, what about justice and sportsmanship? We could say in Hungarian: King Matthias is dead, the truth is lost!

Concerning Bottas, he had the same fate as Latifi. (By the way, has anyone investigated what caused Latifi’s car to stop?)

What a difference, if celebrating by jumping the completely justified in our opinion Verstappen’s victory, or blaming the filthy cheating Bottas and Mercedes, talking about unsportsmanlike, mentioning the jerk celebration in Silverstone, the stolen World Cup title and so on, continuing our grievances ad infinitum. Because it was also a possible script anyway.

How was the case, when Maradona scored the final and decisive goal from nothing, with the help of God and in manner invisible to the referee? Everyone was smiling and acknowledged the will of
the Good Lord, because Maradona, the best in the world according to so many, deserved this small support based on his previous performance. Since shortly before his death, Maradona returned to God the said spare hand that was lying unused there, and God thought it would be good to add some excitement to Formula 1, which was slowly becoming boring, and the solution was to make Latifi the new beneficiary, who immediately stopped his car in the right place.

And this hand could have been taken by Bottas with a wooden face. Maybe that could have introduce some other opportunities, even his return to Mercedes at some point…

I would have been curious about the millions of comments that would arise in the world after such an ending.