Yannick Review: Lick the Floor or Draw a Banana

Yannick’s story is simple yet multidimensional, with unexpected beat shifts and long chains of tiny situations and conversations.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Review: A Love Story That Still Packs a Punch

Hepburn, who won an Oscar for her role, reportedly never watched the movie, finding it too painful to see Tracy on screen.

Eric Review: Where Our Monsters Live

In a surreal twist, Eric, born from Vincent’s drunken, drug-fueled night, manifests as a real entity, refusing to leave Vincent’s side.

“Call Me Kate” Review: Celebrating the Coolest Icon in Hollywood History

Hepburn won four Academy Awards, which she repeatedly said she did not care about. “Put it in a bag or something,” she said.

Only the Animals Review: Love Means Giving What You Don’t Have

The premise seems perfect for a classic Fargo-esque thriller, but it turns out to go much deeper than that.

Without Air Review: A Meek Hero on the Ramparts

Based on true events, the film highlights the issue of political influence in education while focusing on a teacher’s unwavering dedication.

Hell With It Review: The Plumber, The Devil and Some Elixir

The film tells the story of the Devil and her assistant, Maxwell, who visit Budapest in 1990 with a peculiar mission.

Perfect Days Review: Now is Now

The film follows Hirayama, played by Koji Yakusho, a toilet cleaner who finds joy in the simplicity of life.

Unforgettable Legacy: The Must-Watch Docuseries Remembers Roland Ratzenberger

Roland Ratzenberger spent 15 years overcoming obstacles, fueled by determination and motivation, ultimately achieving his dream.

Staring at Strangers Review: A Lurker and his Blue Tracksuit

“Staring at Strangers” is an adaptation of the iconic Valencian author Juan José Millás’s novel “From the Shadows”.

Humane Review: It’s All Just a Matter of Paperwork

Humane brings together an estranged Canadian family with diverse political opinions, different personalities and complicated relationships.

Smoke Sauna Sisterhood: The One Who Listens Understands

“Smoke Sauna Sisterhood” is a cutting the edge documentary that explores the depths of womanhood and the power of vulnerability.

„You Hurt My Feelings”: No Man Wants a V-Neck Sweater

The film daringly reflects on burning American problems such as the lack of real social safety net, expensive healthcare, and public safety.

“Saltburn”: Oliver Twist and the Slutty Fairies

As the story heads into the deep end, Oliver’s transformation is abrupt (no spoilers!), as he suddenly becomes manipulative and rotten.

From Screen to Stage: „The Hunt” Wows New York with a Terrifying Witch Trial

St. Ann’s Warehouse, transformed from an industrial warehouse to a contemporary theatre, serves as the perfect venue for The Hunt.

Junkyard Dog: Raphaël Quenard, A Star is Born

The performances in “Junkyard Dog” are superb, particularly Raphaël Quenard, who shines as the complex and charismatic Mirales.

„Dream Scenario”: Kristoffer Borgli’s Fearless Take on the World’s Absurdities

Paul is confronted with a bizarre phenomenon – complete strangers and „long-time-no-see” acquaintances alike report dreaming about him.

„Anatomy of a Fall”: I’m No Blood Splatter Expert But This Does Not Add Up

“Anatomy of a Fall” is a masterful examination of the complexities of the human psyche and of relationships that define us.

„The Teachers’ Lounge”: 63 Euros and 45 Cents

“The Teachers’ Lounge” boasts beautiful visuals and a raw texture that adds to the overall impact of the story.

„El Conde”: How Does It Feel to Be a Beast Like You?

El Conde reimagines Augusto Pinochet as a centuries-old vampire; the result is both a biting satire of political tyranny and a gripping tale.