They forgot that Hitler and Eichmann were also Austrians

How can someone have moral strength, somebody that you trust when he claims that he has supreme power, without any control above him? And why people don’t realize that these two concepts are not really hand in hand?

Seven-year-old Nina cried when she found out she was Serbian and not Croatian

The Croatian movie Srbenka received The Human Rights Film Award of the Verzió 15 International Human Rights Film Festival in Budapest. We interviewed the director Nebojša Slijepčević.

We strive for a life with six hours of work per four days a week

This year will be the 100th year since we have 8-hour working. The world has changed so much in this one hundred year. There would be a need to talk about what work really means.

Shoot above the crowd, then before their feet, and then shoot in the crowd

The documentary Occupation 1968 shows the events from a rather unusual perspective: of these five countries rather than of the victim’s.

Both directors were killed due to this Japanese documentary

Nowadays these quarters offer the cheapest labour to the construction industry and other dangerous work. These workers have no insurance, no contract, and no any kind of welfare-service. They receive their daily payment in cash.

What’s the difference between refugees of WWII and today?

Why were we able to accept people like Giovanna seven and a half decades ago, and why do we have deep aversion, fear and worries toward the African refugees?

Seventy-seven dead, more than hundred injured – the world we live in

The attack against the government quarter could have been prevented and the help to save people on Utoya Island was seriously late.

A trilogy on redemption – Hungary represented at the Berlinale

Katalin Ferber’s review on ‘Genesis’, the only new Hungarian film represented at this year’s Berlinale.

Berlinale: film screenings cancelled due to fire

Forty two firefighters were at the scene in less than two minutes and the fire was eliminated an hour later. Nobody was injured.

Frasier star John Mahoney dead at 77

Mahoney’s manager, Paul Martino, said Mahoney died on Sunday in Chicago after a brief hospitalisation.

Harvey Weinstein denies allegations of harassment

According to a statement from Weinstein’s attorney Ben Brafman, two people whom McGowan claims to have told about the alleged assault at the time — her then-manager and Affleck — have denied that the actress reported the attack to them.

Mark Salling dead at 35

His attorney confirmed the news in a statement. The cause of death has not yet been verified.

The boy who drowned in the river: a dual story

This film is a very powerful drama on the well-known bullying among youngsters and among the adults.

Here are the winners of the ACE Editing Awards!

Dunkirk’s Oscar chances look good.

Russian cinema ends showings of Stalin film

Pioneer Cinema was the only Russian cinema to go ahead with screening the film, which depicts a power struggle after the Soviet leader’s death.

Disney star arrested

The American actor is being held on $350,000.

Films to be broadcast in the Berlinale Classics 2018

Berlinale Classics with Wim Wenders’ and Ildikó Enyedi’s prize-winning works, among many others.

DiCaprio to star in Charles Manson-era Tarantino movie

The Sony Pictures movie is to be released on Aug. 9, 2019, exactly 50 years after Tate and four friends were stabbed or shot dead.


The short films in this year’s international competition look reality in the eye and actively contribute to the current socio-political discourse.

Perspektive Deutsches Kino 2018: “Whatever Happens Next”

14 films, including six full-length fiction and four documentary films, will compete for the Kompass-Perspektive-Preis, endowed with 5,000 euros. In…

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