„Oppenheimer” Review: A Naive Genius and His Moral Quandaries

Oppenheimer is frequently called the „father of the atomic bomb” – his memento is ethically controversial to say the least.

„Stewart” Review: The Flying Scot Beats One Goliath After Another

We follow Sir Jackie Stwart on a wild ride that goes from the roaring motorsports scene to exploring profound themes…

„Dalíland” Review: Building the Ultimate Pink Pr*ck

“Dalíland” takes us on a journey into the world of the legendary surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. A review by Dora Endre.

“Renfield” Review: A Handful of Nuns and a Busload of Cheerleaders

According to our story, Renfield lives to fulfill his master Dracula’s twisted wishes, no matter how depraved they may be.

„Villeneuve Pironi” Review: Racing’s Untold Tragedy Told in a Lousy Way

Undoubtedly, “Villeneuve Pironi” truly shines when it explores the untold stories of the women behind these legendary drivers.

“Beautiful Beings” Review: Someone Lifted Me Out of the Sea

When we meet 14-year-old protagonist of Beautiful Beings, he endures bullying, physical violence, and emotional torment.

Jennifer “Jini” Lash: Extraordinary Novelist and Matriarch of the Fiennes Family

In the realm of celebrities, where actors and filmmakers take center stage, there exists a hidden gem—a woman named Jennifer Lash.

„The Ghost of Richard Harris” Review: Unmasking the World’s Angriest Man

The Ghost of Richard Harris: a wonderfully shot and edited documentary introduces us to the enigmatic actor – a man of extremes.

“Sick of Myself” Review: My Hospital Selfie Is Better Than Yours

Sick of Myself cleverly explores the lengths people go to feel noticed and valued – even if it means losing their authenticity.

„Where The Tracks End” Review: Clouds Taste Like Cotton Candy

Where the Tracks End: capturing the essence of the Mexican countryside with its sweeping landscapes and vibrant colors

„Beau Is Afraid” Review: Ballad of the Wounded Man-Child

The story revolves around Beau’s attempt to return home after a long absence – writes Dora Endre about the movie Beau is Afraid.

Neptune Frost: Open Your Soul and Dare to Give In

Young adults escape from their village, and establish a new, revolutionary collective against the ruling authoritarian regime.

Inside: Is No Man an Island or Every Man an Island?

Nemo, an artist turned art aficionado slash art thief, gets trapped inside a monochrome art gallery-esque penthouse.

After Yang Review: There Is No Something Without Nothing

Yang, a certified and refurbished AI assistant beloved by his human family, needs a quick fix after a sudden breakdown.

Saint Omer: Terribly Human Monsters

Saint Omer is an edgy and emotionally turbulent courtroom drama painted with thick brushstrokes of mystery.

Women Talking ~ a review by Dora Endre

The narration underlines the importance of early formative experience as well as the lingering presence of transgenerational traumas.

The Eight Mountains – Ode to the Friendships That Anchor Us

Following up on a promise Bruno has made to him, the two – now grown men – have the task to build a stone house in the mountains.

Emily the Criminal ~ a review by Dora Endre

Ford’s drama-thriller offers a strong social commentary – in relation to the hopelessness of career starters.

Aftersun ~ a review by Dora Endre

Charlotte Wells provides fading memories, fragile moments of unifying love and the inside view of a father-daughter duo’s last holiday.

Best underrated movies of 2022

Let’s see some of the best gems you have not seen and you should consider! Dora Endre lists the best underrated movies of 2022.

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