Paris once aided Szeged, now Szeged pays it back

The municipality of Szeged has offered 10,000 euros to aid the reconstruction of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris which was heavily damaged by fire on Monday.

The local authority of the city in southern Hungary, mayor László Botka, said in a statement today that Paris had come to Szeged’s aid after one of its largest floods 140 years ago, and now Szeged is repaying the French capital in the spirit of European solidarity. Szeged is also launching a donation drive to raise funds for reconstructing the damaged parts of the cathedral.

The municipality of Székesfehérvár has also offered 10,000 euros towards the cost of reconstructing the damaged parts of the building, the local mayor, András Cser-Palkovics, said today. He added that he urged all town mayors to make similar donations if they had the means to do so.