INDA Gallery is proud to announce a solo presentation of Marianne Csáky’s work

Marianne Csáky at a ppr oc he, Paris: an invitation-based art-fair of experimental photography is held between 9 and 11 November, at Paris’s distinguished Galerie le Molière, 40 Rue de Richelieu, 75001, featuring the artist’s works.

In her experimental photography, a fine selection of which is to be presented at a ppr oc he, Csáky employs combinations of techniques and materials (multiple layers, photos on metal base stitched with silk, handmade light-boxes, etc. ) to explore the themes that engage her inquisitive attention and eye.

Inter-related themes of her visual experiments concern the role of our memories, how the re-written memories and changing desires construct the self, the relations of history and personal memory, body and representation, desire and subjectivity, the most basic and intimate spheres of the soul, mind and body in a sociological, historical and theoretical context. All this, with the ultimate aim to reveal how all these factors work together in defining and redefining our position in the world, the different roles as individuals, members of society and subjects of history, and also makers of history.

Based in Brussels, Belgium, Hungarian-born Csáky works with different media: photo, video, painting, sculpture, embroidery, installation. Trained in arts as well as cultural anthropology and literature, since the very start of her career she has been known for her non-mainstream forms of expression, her unconventional and provocative images.


a ppr oc he – 9 – 11 November, Galerie le Molière
40 Rue de Richelieu, 75001
visit by registration: