Free Music Under the Open Sky

Free Music Under the Open SkyTwenty-three concerts, including well-known international performers, the crème de la crème of Hungarian pop, and exciting newcomers: between the 5th and 22nd of April, get ready to spend your early evenings in the heart of Budapest at the Akvárium Spring Terrace in the company of outstanding open air music.

This established series of free concerts kicks off (or “marches in”) on 5th April, with a gig by the super trendy Meute techno marching band – a German wind and percussion band that adapts electronica hits for brass band. This year too, the main attraction of the Spring Terrace is acoustic concerts. On Sunday mornings, we cater to children too: on the 7th, Réka Farkasházi performs contemporary poems accompanied by the band, Tintanyúl; on the 14th, the songwriter-performer Fruzsina Kovácsovics – a kindergarten teacher by profession – will sing for the children; followed by the Rutkai Bori Band on Easter Sunday. The early time slots at the weekends will first be filled by the lead singers of popular bands doing solo acoustic stints: Csaba Czeglédi, the singer-guitarist of Run Over Dogs, who plays desert rock (6th April); Henri Gonzo from Fran Palermo (7th April); and then, the following weekend, the amazing folk performer Duke Bluebeard (13th April); and the increasingly popular alternative pop band, The Anahit (14th April), provide plenty of variety.

The lead vocalists of other excellent bands also grace the stage: Zita Csordás, the singer-guitarist of the dreampop band, Mayberian Sanskülotts, who released a new album this year; and Soma Nóvé, who sings with Middlemist Red. The latter often sings solo, and in 2018, he released an EP with impressive folk song adaptations. Róbert Bérczesi, who leads Hiperkarma, will perform his one-man project Én meg az Ének (Me and the Song), but there’ll also be concerts where two members of a line-up will be present. The duos Szendrői & Tóth from Elefánt; Barbi & Jancsó from Blahalouisiana; the Lázár brothers from Esti Kornél, debuting their single; and members of the band Mōrk (The Papayazz), will perform with their popular acoustic duo sets. Odett even has an extra programme planned: her special guests will be the talented young street musicians familiar from her vlog initiative #ZenélAzUtca.

Tamás Molnár (Jetlag), Gergő Szakács (Follow the Flow), and Márk Járai (Halott Pénz) all show their talents as solo artists. The Pécs-based Irish musician Ian O’Sullivan performs with his trio (The O’Sullivan Three), and his fellow band member from Mongooz and the Magnet, Magnus Måløy, the Norwegian singer-guitarist, likewise from the Mecsek foothills, is also playing. There’ll be a “genuine” foreign performer too, Laura Gibson, the American artist whose indie folk albums just keep getting better. The concert series will come to a close with András Szekeres and Attila Barbaró, who will perform acoustic renditions of songs by the Junkies.

Author: Endre Dömötör

This article was first published in the BSF Magazine.

April 5–22
Akvárium Klub
Akvárium Spring Terrace
April 5 | 7 pm Meute (DE)
April 6 | 5.30 pm Szabolcs Czeglédi (Run Over Dogs) | 7 pm Anne Shirley Supersad
April 7 | 11 am Farkasházi Réka és a Tintanyúl | 5.30 pm Henri Gonzo (Fran Palermo) | 7 pm Soma Nóvé (Middlemist Red)
April 8 | 7 pm Szendrői & Tóth Duo (Elefánt)
April 9 | 7 pm Tamás Molnár
April 10 | 7 pm Gergő Szakács Acoustic
April 11 | 7 pm Robi Bérczesi: Én meg az Ének
April 12 | 5.30 pm Magnus Måløy (Mongooz And The Magnet) | 7 pm Odett10 Acoustic
April 13 | 5.30 pm Duke Bluebeard | 7 pm Barbi & Jancsó (Blaha Acoustic)
April 14 | 11 am Fruzsina Kovácsovics | 5.30 pm The Anahit | 7 pm The Papayazz
April 15 | 7 pm Márk Járai
April 16 | 7 pm The O’Sullivan Three
April 17 | 7 pm Laura Gibson
April 18 | 7 pm Lázár Brothers (Esti Kornél)
April 21 | 11 am Rutkai Bori Banda
April 22 | 7 pm Szekeres × Barbaró