Let’s get lost in a crypt with the Tarot Labyrinth!

It’s always a good sign when language is on the move – interview with Kinga Tóth about her performance show

There are no rivals at this competition, only friends – interview with conductor Gábor Hollerung

Women and men on stage play roles, I went for the individual – interview with choreographer Andrea Mészöly

Doing Justice to the Jabot

Light is playing with shadow, colours are telling a story

I Hear America Singing

Baroque Soap Opera Reloaded

Scientific, Fantastic Dance

Natural Born Marketeers

A Self-Aware Orchestra

Regardless of Age

Antidote to the False Glamour

A Pinch of Decadence

Shoot above the crowd, then before their feet, and then shoot in the crowd

Hello from the horror side!

From the Heart of Transylvania to the Met

Who Wears the Trousers?

Bunnies and More: Easter Celebrations from the Mediterranean to the Carpathian Basin

I don’t know… Am I supposed to know? – Kurt Elling on jazz, poetry and existential questions

Behold the man who composes, sings and conducts the same piece of music

What made diamonds to be seen as a symbol of love?

Both directors were killed due to this Japanese documentary

What’s the difference between refugees of WWII and today?

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