What can we learn from collective forgetting? – new essay performance by Oliver Zahn will happen online

Cheerful and uplifting Romengo concert as a live stream!

Instrument making is a wonderful profession, says “father” of the new giant cimbalom

Live early music concert to start advent in our homes

This could be Don Giovanni’s missing aria! – covid restrictions result in opera teaser

Miklós Lukács played the first tunes on this brand new cimbalom

Remembering internationally recognised Hungarian artist Tamás Konok

How the Hungarian National Philharmonics saved the day for Philippe Herreweghe

God’s Mind ~ by Susan Anwin

How to be smart after winning the lottery? – interview with Boldizsár Fehér

A musical journey to Pangea – musician Kálmán Oláh is 50!

How to turn a car accident into a theatre performance? – interview with Franck Vigroux

Everyone can possess the instinctive ability for improvisation – interview with jazz musician Krisztián Oláh

The 21st century started with the coronavirus, researcher behind the BarabásiLab exhibition implies

Recirquel shows us love, but what about the polar bears? – interview with Bence Vági

József Balog: Catharsis is always present when I play this piece

As if this yellow sofa could talk about marital infidelity!

Gábor Gadó: we will send positive energies with so much love

Six female composers introduce their newest works in two Budapest venues

The way of non-forgetting the late poet Szilárd Borbély

Elemér Balázs: I can’t even wish a better life for me

The magical number 75 and the meeting of generations in classical music

The concert of Magyar Atom will be a true specialty

The aesthetics of networks exposed in a complex way – interview with Albert-László Barabási

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