Falcon Feather ~ Chapter 4 ~ by Susan Anwin

When the artwork becomes a tool in the creation process: Zsolt Asztalos’ My Art series

Falcon Feather ~ Chapter 3 ~ by Susan Anwin

There should be no sacred cows in arts – interview with choreographer Roy Assaf

Falcon Feather ~ Chapter 2 ~ by Susan Anwin

Falcon Feather ~ Chapter 1 ~ by Susan Anwin

I told the dancers: we will be music, guys! – interview with Christos Papadopoulos

Video work, based on Hungarian short story, will be exhibited in Switzerland

Sufi poets are humanist and ageless – interview with Persian singer Alireza Ghorbani

It’s easier to wait for Christmas with Bach’s music! – interview with conductor Marcus Creed

Bass-baritone Bryn Terfel comes to his Budapest concert with a rugby shirt and some honey

Medical student in Pécs: Classical Chill Out enhances our student experience fundamentally

Müpa Winter Open Air: Family fun from advent-eco-concert to nativity masquerade

How Danyèl Waro from Réunion discovered folk music as a mean of fight against oppression

Silence in the place of sound – but what in the place of silence? Remembering Dezső Tandori

An eternal mystery: Cécile McLorin Salvant lets her hoarse voice fly

Some Favourites of the Erdődy Orchestra – interview with Zsolt Szefcsik

Minyo Szert brings form to life at the margins of the figural

Can physical theatre and circus visualize totalitarian dictatorship? – Alexander Vantournhout and the Red-Haired Men

African percussionists invite you to a night you’ll never forget!

Exploring the idea of the collective between utopia and instrumentalization

Annunciation ~ A short story by Susan Anwin

Child actors evoke the story of a horrendous child killer on Trafó’s stage

Music that shows you how deep can silence be – interview with James Wood

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