„Dream Scenario”: Kristoffer Borgli’s Fearless Take on the World’s Absurdities

„Anatomy of a Fall”: I’m No Blood Splatter Expert But This Does Not Add Up

„The Teachers’ Lounge”: 63 Euros and 45 Cents

It could have happened that way too…

„El Conde”: How Does It Feel to Be a Beast Like You?

„Godland”: Mission Impossible Set In Iceland

„Nyad”: Your One Wild and Precious Life

„Jules”: An Alien Teaches You the Art of Active Listening

„Leave the World Behind”: Rotten Tomatoes Might Say 75% Yet This is Just a Mess

„Corsage”: You Only Love What You Want From Others

Fajgerné found the harmonious disharmony in her art

Kálmán Balogh and the cimbalom players of the future stir special emotions in our hearts

Christmas mood with a talented organist and an angelic choir

Drip Canon: Heraclitus meets tai chi

Rising Stars to feature a Hungarian young talent again

Old horror, live music: why to watch “silent” movies

Dóra Barta: I was pondering about time, whether it exists

György Orbán: my Requiem is a tribute to a childhood friendship

Szakcsi Jr: everyone will remember my father in a slightly different way

Lusine Grigoryan and the neverending Hungarian-Armenian dialogue

Gergő Borlai: Divided Freedom is a particularly shining jewel

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry: I Will Keep Walking and She Must Keep Living

Blood and Honey: Winnie the Pooh Goes Off the Rails

Energetic, vibrant, cool, and 50 years old – the Kronos Quartet

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