CEC ArtsLink Launches New International Fellowships Initiative

We can go around in augmented reality with our physical body – interview with Ambrus Ivanyos

We bring the space to life and have a dialogue with it – Shapers’ farewell in Budapest

The expanding horizon of Ólafur Arnalds – from hardcore to musical robots

Who is the man behind the remembrance stones? – interview with Gunter Demnig

Five websites with children’s ebooks, for quality time in the online space

Here you can download ebooks legally and completely free

An elegant musical tour to all Planets in the Solar System

Human voice is the most wonderful prop for dance – choreographer Maurice Béjart’s thoughts on The Magic Flute

Everything about the 18th international literature festival berlin

The black sheep of violin music conquers the stage

Mankind Eats up the Globe – Literally

Have you ever heard the story of the three spires?

We can have so many hearts inside ourselves – Marina Abramović in Vienna

This performance isn’t an end of the debate, it’s an exclamation mark – interview with Fruzsina Háda and Renáta Báder

Let’s get lost in a crypt with the Tarot Labyrinth!

It’s always a good sign when language is on the move – interview with Kinga Tóth about her performance show

There are no rivals at this competition, only friends – interview with conductor Gábor Hollerung

Women and men on stage play roles, I went for the individual – interview with choreographer Andrea Mészöly

Doing Justice to the Jabot

Light is playing with shadow, colours are telling a story

I Hear America Singing

Baroque Soap Opera Reloaded

Scientific, Fantastic Dance

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