László Kollár-Klemencz: I don’t want to be a retro concert musician

Levon Eskenian: Bartók got to Armenians only after the genocide

Lucrezia Borgia rules over life and death – says director Ferenc Anger

Lucie Horsch: the new piece is a result of a past encounter in Budapest

Lost his son, could never move on: an astonishing and tragic life

Here, Romanians, Hungarians and the Roma coexist peacefully – interview with Zsolt Juhász

The Sounds of Freedom are coming to be heard

Musical genius in Budapest: is Cory Henry the new Franz Liszt?

Franz Liszt: “the concert is me!” – Passionate rhapsodies on stage

Transporters didn’t need an update; rape is, unfortunately, an eternal topic

Norbert Káel: it was a part of Liszt’s rockstar image to be charming

Four premieres, one basic piece: old and new generations of the Eötvös Foundation

New opera-musical version of The Master and Margarita – interview with director Vajk Szente

Wandering Jew, Weimar’s Dead, Fathers’ Crypt: songs by Liszt at the Liszt Fest

The storming organ playing of Martin Sturm at the Liszt Fest

A married couple on the stage of heaven – Gyula Böszörményi remembers

There are no styles, only soulful our soulless music – interview with multi-sided musician Viktor Tóth

If you could see me now… and now… and now… – interview with Arno Schuitemaker

Gergely Agócs: we have no reason to hold grudge against the neighbouring countries

Víkingur Ólafsson: Hungarians are everywhere in my career

Friedrich Liechtenstein: sometimes irony is more precise than realism

Cédric Eeckhout’s message to Hungarian PM – what is to be half Flemish, half Walloon?

Péter Kálmán: I won’t be the usual Don Giovanni but a wizard

Gabi Szűcs: the femme fatale has no success in finding happiness

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