Rural people were keeping touch with the dead at Easter

Saint Omer: Terribly Human Monsters

The Miraculous Mandarin: immoral at its time, classic today

Women Talking ~ a review by Dora Endre

Nathan Laube: Every organ tells a different story

A love triangle between brothers – Rameau’s Castor and Pollux

Renaissance poet Bálint Balassi meets an actor and an orchestra

Platon Karataev takes you on an unpredictable musical journey

The Eight Mountains – Ode to the Friendships That Anchor Us

Emily the Criminal ~ a review by Dora Endre

Aftersun ~ a review by Dora Endre

Tromba Veneziana – the attraction of Venice and early music

Five jazz songs that changed the genre forever ~ by Nóra Fehér

Our Jazzy Brain ~ by Nóra Fehér

Miles’s Smile: The Duality of Love and Hate ~ by Nóra Fehér

Korngold, the genius whom Hollywood loved but Vienna expelled

Prokofiev Marathon: is piano a percussion instrument?!

Edina Szvoren: If I could play Purcell on peppers filled with water…

Anton Gerzenberg: Rachmaninoff, Liszt and Dohnányi fit well together

Best underrated movies of 2022

Müpa New Year’s concert – with a surprise from Haydn!

Wonderful Nativity by the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

The atmosphere of medieval Christmas with Catalina Vicens

Nesrine Belmokh: now I am cellist and singer at the same time

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