Kady Diarra and the Spirit of Burkina – a concert you shouldn’t miss!

Yellowjackets celebrates its 40th anniversary with an amazing party

Why Should You Not Miss Discovery’s Last Exit: Space?

How Frustration Led Maggie Gyllenhaal to Direct The Lost Daughter

Kevin Spacey in a Comeback Film: a Sign of Bad Taste?

Why Empire of Light Should Be on Your Radar

Arturo Sandoval, a trumpeter with a vibrant personality

Ramón Vargas – a tenor who sings for special needs children

Freud was suspicious about Dalí’s obsession with him

Sergei Krylov from Witches’ Sabbath to a naughty folk song

Song of the Earth: Mahler’s wonderful message about eternity

What is the best music to fall asleep to?

Vengerov: the instrument teaches you to play, not the other way round

Sleepless: gloomy yet beautiful Péter Eötvös opera in the Müpa

Honorary Hungarian Uri Caine plays the Bartók Project with friends

Péter Eötvös: I ran away from Bartók’s works to avoid falling into repetition

Monsieur Bartók: The influence of Béla Bartók in contemporary jazz

We all use the falsetto register – interview with opera singer Anthony Roth Costanzo

Dániel Villányi: I pondered how my concert relates to the war

Endre Domonkos: An Economic History of Hungary from 1867

Dénes Várjon speaks beautifully about Bartók’s music

Ensemble Mini: club concerts if you don’t want to fight

Parade for the music of Boban Marković! – interview with Attila Egerházi

Exclusive Interview with Philippe Lesage: As Long As There’s Movement, There Is Hope

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