Fodor’s Wall is back, now in the beating heart of Vienna’s old town

Two years ago, Fodor’s Border Wall was exhibited in an open space in Vienna. Now it is back again: you can find it in Vienna’s old town district at the junction of Freyung and Herrengasse.

Fodor’s Wall two years ago at the Franz Jonas Platz in Vienna.

The Wall represents a segment of a boundary wall made of translucent concrete. With light towards the piece, the image of a child on the front side turns visible as a silhouette from behind. The Wall resembles current boundary walls (Turkish-Bulgarian Border, Israel, and many more) but also recalls the past (Berlin Wall). It is a statement to themes as inclusion and exclusion, within and without, protection and incarceration . . .

Fodor’s Wall at the Freyung.

The artist Ben G. Fodor reflects upon his own experience and biography as a refugee.

The Freyung is a frequented square that is famous for it’s old Viennese Christmas market (featuring bio farmers, restaurants and a traditional nativity scene), and also for its preference for installing modern artworks all around the year. It is definitely worth visiting!

Fodor’s Wall at the Freyung.