Trafó welcomes season 22 with new spaces – here are some visualizations

The Trafó House of Contemporary Arts is happy to announce the beginning of extension works. In September 2019, they are going to launch their 22nd year with new space, café, cash desk and cloakroom. During the construction works in springtime, visitors can enter the building through the gate on the Liliom Street.

The extension of Trafó is not a new idea: by the time it opened, in 1998, there were already some plans for the “second round”, but back then, they did not have enough resources to realize them.

Visualization of the new café

Current plans were started in 2014, at first with rebuilt and united shipping containers as a basis. This changed later, due to different needs, to a metal lightweight construction, which won’t change too much in the sight of the building, but makes the construction itself different. Trafó gets a metal skeleton, with insulation, covering and wood panels getting on it, most of them being prepared on the spot. The advantage of this technology is its swift realization and possible recycle if the “second round” ever gets into consideration.

Trafó still finds it important to provide a comfortable space where audience can enjoy the newest and most innovative performances at their finest.