CEC ArtsLink Launches New International Fellowships Initiative

We are pleased to invite artists, arts managers and curators from all arts disciplinary backgrounds from 37 eligible countries to apply for the ArtsLink International Fellowships.

Everything about the 18th international literature festival berlin

This year’s program is characterized by five key topics: “Decolonizing Wor:l:ds,” “Nature Writing,” “The Art of Cooking,” “The Politics of Drugs” and “The Evolution of Human Culture”.

Mankind Eats up the Globe – Literally

Changing diet is the best prescription against violation of the environment.

Berlinale: film screenings cancelled due to fire

Forty two firefighters were at the scene in less than two minutes and the fire was eliminated an hour later. Nobody was injured.

Famous Julia Margaret Cameron album is at risk of being exported from the UK

Cameron’s Norman Album has been placed under a temporary export bar by the arts minister, Michael Ellis.

Iconic Terracotta Army goes to Liverpool

The show at the World Museum came to Merseyside partly because of the popularity in China of Liverpool Football Club.

Frasier star John Mahoney dead at 77

Mahoney’s manager, Paul Martino, said Mahoney died on Sunday in Chicago after a brief hospitalisation.

Paul Simon announces his final tour

In a statement posted on Twitter, Simon described his retirement as a “natural end” to his performing career that felt “something of a relief.

12-year-old singer signs record deal

Sherlock was invited to Los Angeles by American singer and producer Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic after he saw one of her videos on Instagram.

George Orwell’s son plays in a musical

Richard Blair, who was adopted by Orwell six years before his death in 1950, will perform as the narrator in Beyond Wigan Pier.

Dennis Edwards dead at 74

The singer, who would have turned 75 on Saturday, died Thursday night in Chicago after suffering from a long illness.

Lady Gaga cancels her tour due to severe pain

Live Nation said the musician is “suffering from severe pain that has materially impacted her ability to perform live.

Publishers want to exclude American writers from the Man Booker prize

Tensions over the decision to allow US authors to enter the Man Booker prize have flared up yet again.

Margaret Atwood didn’t get the profits from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale?

Author of The Handmaid’s Tale, has revealed that profits from the hugely successful 2017 TV series of her novel did not go to her, after having sold on the rights for a film adaptation almost three decades ago.

Vegetable seed banks carry the illusion of humanity’s future

In the  photographs, the  plants, plant-pieces and  seeds, that  are stored in boxes and  locked behind metal fences, are hidden from the eyes of the world. Dénes Farkas’ solo exhibition, entitled Darkness Visible,

Marvel comic founder Stan Lee leaves hospital

Stan Lee has been rushed to hospital after falling ill at his Los Angeles home.

Female executives call for Grammy chief’s resignation

“The statement you made this week about women in music needing to ‘step up’ was spectacularly wrong and insulting and, at its core, oblivious to the vast body of work created by and with women,” the letter says.

Manchester Art Gallery has removed the Hylas and the Nymphs painting

Manchester Art Gallery has asked the question after removing John William Waterhouse’s Hylas and the Nymphs, one of the most recognisable of the pre-Raphaelite paintings, from its walls.

National Book Awards add translation category

The decision to recognize international authors was made unanimously by the foundation’s board of directors, in an effort to draw attention to works in translation

Harvey Weinstein denies allegations of harassment

According to a statement from Weinstein’s attorney Ben Brafman, two people whom McGowan claims to have told about the alleged assault at the time — her then-manager and Affleck — have denied that the actress reported the attack to them.

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