The mirror me ~ By Anna Danuhy

The mirror me

by Anna Danuhy

They say in distance
Hearts grow apart
But ours were never joined.
So I was just as surprised as you
To learn that 200 kms broughts as closer
than those years we spent together.
Now that you are not here
We can talk face to face
The words that I want to say, but are not mine
are overfilling my head.
Are you there? you ask me on the phone
And I wish I could just keep silent
I don’t know how I look to you
Probably just a fluid being
Existing only in your words
Sometimes you love me. That’s
when you love yourself
Sometimes you cast me away
Like I am the picture of Dorian Gray.
I know I have to speak now,
speak to prove that I exist.
„A mirror could break but it still reflects”
So I say Yes, to the phone and to You,
so you can keep on talking.
I want to speak to you.
I want to speak to you about Love.
And ask you:
What’s your best recipe for spinach?
I would like to giggle with you on silly jokes,
and argue without the fear of never speaking again
Include me in the summer of 2016 album
And talk to me on the phone at midnight.
Every minute you spend with someone else
Takes a toll on my heart
Jealousy burns little holes
And love?
Love just pours outside

Anna Danuhy is a member of the Hungarian literature group Yriunk.