Call for Entries: Artist for Residency Programme

The Dr. Éva Kahán Foundation is currently accepting applications from young artists (born until 1980) of Central and Eastern European (CEE) background or descent for their annual artist-in-residence program in Tuscany for the period of Winter 2021/Spring 2022.

November and May each year, the Foundation provides accommodation and use of the studio of the Villa Tosa di Sotto in San Sano, in the Chianti region of Tuscany. Up to three artists can reside in the villa‘s guest house simultaneously. Due to the location of the property ca. 15 minutes from the nearest village and its relatively remote rural location, the possession of a valid European driving license is an indispensable requirement, since a car is necessary for grocery shopping and personal excursions. The Foundation also provides use of an on-site vehicle to be
shared with other artists for the duration of the residency. The participants of the Artist-in-Residence Program also receive a monthly stipend of €1,250.00 from the Dr. Éva Kahán Foundation. In return for the hospitality, the organization asks you to donate one of the works of art which have been created on the residency site to our visual arts collection. In addition, all artistic works that have been created as part of the residency program must
bear the addition „with the kind support of the Éva Kahán Foundation“ in future exhibitions and publications. The applicants also agree to periodically document the work they have done in the studio, and that their work might be communicated via the various media channels of the Foundation.


  • Completed registration form
  • Completed declaration of liability
  • Resume
  • Copy of a valid EU driving license
  • Short portfolio of your own work
  • Short description (250 words) of the planned work(s) which you wish to complete during your stay (i.e. description of the planned work of art as well as the time, space, material and tool requirements)

The Dr. Éva Kahán Foundation concludes an agreement in advance in which the services and conditions of the Foundation, as well as the obligations of the participants, are set out in writing. Admission to the Artist-in-Residence program requires that human rights, especially the rights of minorities, are respected. At the end of October 2021 all applicants will be informed in writing about the status of their selection.