Endre Domonkos: An Economic History of Hungary from 1867

Endre Domonkos: An Economic History of Hungary from 1867

For the last century and a half, Central and Eastern Europe has undergone substantial changes both economically and politically. This book gives a comparative overview of the economic characteristics of Hungary by applying a holistic approach, considering the factors that determined the fate of this Central European country. Tables, graphs, and maps illustrate the decisions that influenced the economic processes from the Austro-Hungarian Empire to 2019. Within the pages of this monograph, the question of how the prevailing governments adjusted to the continuously changing internal and external conditions is answered.

“The monograph, written by Endre Domonkos, can be considered an important summary of Hungary’s 150-year economic history. The book will be useful for historians, economists, university students of economics, or readers interested in the economic history of Central and Eastern Europe. It offers important information and avoids taking a conventional approach to the theme. Moreover, it is an essential resource for research fellows both in Hungary and abroad, to understand the semi-peripheral development of the area.”

– Prof. István Szilágyi, Doctor of HAS

“Endre Domonkos, in his current work, summarises the economic history of Hungary in 10 chapters and more than 200 pages, richly illustrated with tables, maps, and graphs. The work takes a modern approach, applying the scientifi c note apparatus. The quantity and quality of the literature are also excellent and support the formal and qualitative value of the work. The author has done very serious exploratory research and synthesising work.”

– Prof. Dr. Ferenc Tibor Szávai, DSc.