A viral video brought world fame to Naturally 7 – interview with tenor Warren Thomas

Interview with the Naturally 7. – Concert in Müpa

In the early years of the band, you hesitated between having a traditional or an a cappella group. What made you choose the a cappella style?

Our Church experience really played an important factor in that, many of us sang in small groups where we would sing without backing instruments. Also growing up in New York City, it was very common especially in school for someone to start rapping and someone else would begin to Beatbox. So since a cappella was close to our hearts, it only made sense for us to go down that path.

You became popular by youtube appearance as well. Why can youtube work for certain artists and bring popularity to them?

Even though we had been performing globally, it wasn’t until a video of us singing on the Paris Metro went viral on YouTube that many people actually heard of us. It is such a great platform for getting exposure, people are constantly looking for new and exciting things there.

Could you give any advice for the beginner youtubers?

Try posting things that are new, exciting, different and invoke an emotional reaction. Understand that there are plenty of people posting things daily try to understand what are the things people are interested in.

You have worked with Michael Bublé, Sarah Connor and Quincy Jones as well. Please, describe the work with each artist with only one word!

Michael Buble – Brother

Sarah Connor – Talented

Quincy Jones – Legend

How did you choose the name of the band?

The 7 part is easy since there are 7 of us,  we wanted everyone to know that we do everything Naturally so there we get Naturally 7.

Were you always sure of having a musical career?

Each person might answer this a bit different but as a child growing up seeing musicians perform I always knew that it was something I wanted to do. Singing( performing ) in front of people came natural to me and I would have found a way to do it for a living.

Have you heard of any Hungarian a capella band?

We’re not familiar with the Groups in Hungary but we love to be surprised with talented singers.

Interview and translation: Nóra Ünnep