Béla Zsoldos: there is always emotion in my pieces

The instruments Béla Zsoldos plays include classical percussive instruments, jazz vibraphone, percussion and drums.

Kinga Wojdalska will play music by the composer of Star Wars

My mission is to spread knowledge about my instrument and represent it in the brightest light on stage – says violist Kinga Wojdalska.

A Barenboim family concert featuring Mozart

There are many ways to play Mozart, but for me one of the most authentic interpretations has always been the legendary Daniel Barenboim.

Ton Koopman comes with the mysterious Mass in B minor

“The most colourful work one can imagine” – says Ton Koopman who has an almost childlike enthusiasm for Bach’s art.

Kusturica brings a brutally awesome concert to the Müpa

Music has always played an important role in Kusturica’s films, but his relationship with music really took a serious turn later.

Dóra Pétery: I had a strange feeling while practising the first movement

Munch’s most famous painting appeared before me with a French ‘colour scheme’ – says organist Dóra Pétery.

María Pagés: flamenco is a genre for a lifetime

Let’s look a bit behind the scenes through the story of a world famous dancer, María Pagés. Soon at the Bartók Spring!

David Fray will play Beethoven in Budapest after 7 years

Some compare him to Glenn Gould, others contrast David Fray’s wild, life-affirming liberality with Gould’s precise, ascetic profundity.

Lina Cardoso Rodrigues: you need to find your inner silence and the melody in it

In case you have never heard of Portuguese fado music, Lina Cardoso Rodrigues should be your authentic source to get to know it!

Bartók Spring comes with a Bosch exhibition and special premieres

Although we are just entering winter, Müpa Budapest is already preparing for its 2nd Bartók Spring International Art Weeks.

Duruflé – Bach – Szathmáry: hear the organ with 6,804 pipes!

Duruflé: “This Requiem is not an ethereal work. It reflects the anguish of man confronted with the mystery of his destiny.”

László Kollár-Klemencz: I don’t want to be a retro concert musician

It is important to deal with songs with a progressive approach, while respecting the values of old music – says László Kollár-Klemencz.

Levon Eskenian: Bartók got to Armenians only after the genocide

In the past, I had an impressive discussion with Levon Eskenian, leader of Armenian Gurdjieff Ensemble. Now again – but many things changed.

Lucrezia Borgia rules over life and death – says director Ferenc Anger

In fact, Lucrezia Borgia is a Renaissance person who combines the sciences and the arts. A semi-staged opera in the Müpa.

Lucie Horsch: the new piece is a result of a past encounter in Budapest

Rising Stars: three-day festival and six concerts in the Müpa. We asked Dutch Lucie Horsch before the beginning of the adventure.

Lost his son, could never move on: an astonishing and tragic life

The pianist described himself as a man who had set out from shocking poverty to conquer the world’s music stages.

The Sounds of Freedom are coming to be heard

The three highly impressive and captivating works will be performed by Gábor Hollerung and the Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra at the Liszt Fest.

Musical genius in Budapest: is Cory Henry the new Franz Liszt?

A contemporary artist whose life, works, stage performance can evoke the Liszt phenomenon. Cory Henry presents his new album in Budapest.

Wandering Jew, Weimar’s Dead, Fathers’ Crypt: songs by Liszt at the Liszt Fest

Thomas Hampson, one of the best baritones in the US, deals a lot with songs of the age of Romaticism. Coming soon at the Liszt Fest!

There are no styles, only soulful our soulless music – interview with multi-sided musician Viktor Tóth

I want to be a creative musician and a composer who always writes from his soul. I’m searching for the meaning of my presence in this world.

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