I will wait for you – Arno Schuitemaker’s dance performances

There is something very beautiful about ‘not yet’.

Arno Schuitemaker

To create his most personal work to date, Arno Schuitemaker took the elusive nature of love as his source of inspiration.

From beginning to end, I will wait for you develops in one seamless flow, everchanging as it goes on – and on. The three performers surrender themselves to their movements, on their own yet continuously connected. Initially, the twilight of darkness and dim lights evokes only vague contours of their bodies. An incremental buildup that delays gratification, keeps them and the audience engaged in a perpetual becoming, making all logical sense of time evaporate. Escalating in intensity, slowly but surely, I will wait for you grows into a deeply visceral experience, a trance that lingers long after the performance is over.