Berlinale: film screenings cancelled due to fire

Today, in CinemaxX8 near the Potsdamer Platz a fire broke out.
More precisely the upper level of the double building where the
wellnes center of the Hotel Mandala is, the sauna caught in fire.
Forty two firemen and women were at the scene in less than
two minutes and the fire was eliminated an hour later. Nobody
was injured. According to the Berliner Police spokeperson, a
technical fault caused the fire.

Since more than 200 thousands visitors come to the festival, the
police, the fire stations, and the special anti-terrorist forces are
on full readiness. (For example, in the central locus of the
Berlinale, the Potsdamer Platz, every shop has frequent testing
alarm, in order to be well prepared to any extreme event.)
This morning, two film-screenings were cancelled and re-
scheduled to Monday. Today afternoon, the screenings

Pictures on the fire, according to the Berliner Morgenpost:
Im Hotel Mandala am Potsdamer Platz ist am Mittwochvormittag ein Feuer ausgebrochen

Katalin Ferber