Who’s screaming for you? – Poets and artist against feminicide

Woman Scream 2020 – March 1st to 31st

Every year, hudreds of families around the world are touched by tragedy thanks to feminicide. There are many consequences and hundreds of collateral victims whose fate remains unspoken.

Next March 2020, the global chain of Woman Scream International Festival will be 10 years old, since its foundation in 2011. We want to celebrate this constant effort, by engaging into a conversation from the arts, about the most vulnerable victims of feminicide: Children. For this reason, we need to join efforts, and count on the support of institutions, cultural groups, poets and artists who, out of solidarity, wish to join and support our social mission as events coordinators.

In March 2020, the Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival, in its tenth edition, will be under the motto: “Who’s screaming for you?”, a pledge of solidarity for children whose families have been severely affected by cases of feminicide. Join our simultaneous chain of Woman Scream 2020 events from March 1st. to 31st in counties around the world, with events created by volunteer coordinators and help us spread this relevant message.

If you want to be part of this calling, brought to you by the Movimiento Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI Inc., (Women Poets International Movement), founded in the Dominican Republic, and coordinate an event for the Woman Scream chain in your city *, just request participation guidelines by contacting the coordination team through social networks, or using the contact menu of the blog and send your proposal for consideration.

Woman Scream is a volunteer’s cause, which has the support of hundreds of altruistic collaborators in many cities around the world. They unite force and resources to help us take our message further, on behalf of those who truly need a voice. Thanks to them, we have coordinated over thousand events in more than 70 countries. Become part of Woman Scream history!

* The approval of each application will depend on the relevance of the proposal and new cities that wish to incorporate the list of regular participants. It does not apply to the Dominican Republic.