Geotaxis: a duo exhibition at the Ani Molnár Gallery

The Ani Molnár Gallery is pleased to announce

Dániel Bernáth & Balázs Csizik: Geotaxis
duo exhibition.

Opening: 16 July 2020, Thursday, 5-8 p.m.
Curator: Lili Boros, art historian
On view until: 10 October 2020, from Tuesday to Thursday, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Address: 36 Bródy Sándor street, Budapest, 1088

The common principle of ’Geotaxis’, the duo exhibition by Dániel Bernáth and Balázs Csizik is the examination of imagery and the layers of meaning associated with the abstract formal language, as well as a continuous reflection on the modernist and avant-garde pictorial traditions of abstraction. The exhibited works – similarly to the previous series of the artists – are self-reflective to the utmost: they reflect on visuality by the means of visuality. They are metapictures in the strictest sense of the word, the research of the traditions of painting in modernism does not appear as a topic, but happens on the surface of the image: the image surface is the point where this study of tradition takes place, while the medium, the material used, plays a significant role in the process.

The artistic practice of Dániel Bernáth is deeply embedded in the so-called lyrical abstract tendency of post-war painting. The opened/split/pierced/assembled image surfaces – thus not merely the painted forms themselves – are amended by comparison with the traditional physical dimensions of the picture. The abstract and concrete physical boundaries of the image ’fall apart’ in order for Bernáth to think about the status of the panel picture, the ’image object’. In the course of studying imaging systems, he is interested in where the physical image ’ends’: the meeting points of organic-rustic structures, the raw, merely glued canvas and edge painted, synthetic colours become meaningful.

In his ’models’ placed in a natural environment, Balázs Csizik uses those elements and materials which are the basic elements of urban existence. Moreover, in the course of his research on the structure of our culture, he focuses on the alienation of postmodern man and his vision, the alienation which was also inherent in the romantic image of man and which Caspar David Friedrich united with the encountering the landspace. In certain pieces of his series ’Synesthesia’, the lone human figure – similarly to Caspar David Friedrich’s Rückenfigur – creates situations of self-reflecion, drawing attention to the questionability of the relationship to the landscape (the environment). The monolithic block of each residential building is created by Csizik using manual and digital tools, the metallic baryt technology he uses provides a different view from different angles and results in changes in the sense of space, encouraging the viewer to change position.

The term ’geotaxis’ is used in biology, refers to the movement of a cell or microorganism, determined by gravity, towards the earth, a place or matter. In other words: moving towards (concrete physical) boundaries (Bernáth) or shifting and moving points of view (Csizik).
Bernáth Dániel (1990, Debrecen) 2014-ben diplomázott a Képzőművészeti Egyetem festő szakán. 2014-ben elnyerte a Gruber Béla-díjat, 2015-ben pedig az Essl Művészeti Díjat. 2017-ben rezidenciaprogramon vett részt Kremsben. 2020-tól Derkovits Gyula Képzőművészeti Ösztöndíjban részesül. Rendszeresen állít ki csoportos, illetve egyéni kiállításokon, hazai és külföldi művészeti rendezvényeken egyaránt.

Csizik Balázs (1987, Székesfehérvár) vizuális kommunikáció területén szerezte mesterdiplomáját (BME-GTK), melynek során a kortárs magyar absztrakt fotográfia helyzetével foglalkozott. Jelenleg a BME Kommunikáció- és Médiatudomány képzésén vizuális kommunikációt, illetve kommunikációtechnológiát tanít, ezen felül egyetemközi oktatásszervezési feladatokat lát el. Főleg a kortárs építészet, valamint a kortárs absztrakt művészettörténeti alapok hatnak rá – így a századforduló konstruktivista alkotási formái, illetve azon alkotási formák, amelyek szín és formai redukcióra épülnek.


Dániel Bernáth (1990, Debrecen) graduated as a painter in 2014 from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. He won the Gruber Béla Award in 2014 and the Essl Art Award in 2015. In 2017, he participated in a residency program in Krems. In 2020 he receives the Gyula Derkovits Art Grant. He regularly exhibits at group and solo exhibitions, at both domestic and foreign art events.

Balázs Csizik (1987, Székesfehérvár) obtained his master’s degree in Visual Communication (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) where he’s a lecturer now, in the fields of visual communication and communication technology. He combines the visual language of photography with other fine art forms, using different skillsets. His artistic vision is inspired by modern experimental architecture and art forms like suprematism and constructivism.

Text: Ani Molnár Gallery