Creative Code Budapest: A community meetup in the Trafó for curious people

Creative Code Budapest is a community meetup for creative coders, new media artists, pixel tinkerers, arduino masters, nerds, habitants of virtual and augmented realities and curious people. Its mission is to spread knowledge about computational art, build bridges with other disciplines, support and inspire each other. The open meetups are unique opportunities to meet likeminded people and get creative together in a relaxed way. 

After Bánkitó Festival and DataCamp x MOME Open event we continue discovering open creative labs and their knowledge sharing strategy. Rita Eperjesi, the founder of Creative Code Budapest will hold a presentation about the philosophy behind the common meetups and the relation of technology and self-awareness. Mihály Minkó puts us up to Databánya’s data visualization projects and connections between different information bases. Claire Fristot / A-li-ce French-born visual artist introduce VJ Open Lab Berlin’s activities. She also runs the Women VJ Program to bring more female artists into the visual performing field. Concerned by gender and ecology’s issues, she takes part to international symposiums. Interested in identities and memory issues, she uses different techniques such as drawing, animation and video in order to create her hybrid time collages in motion. At the end of the evening A-li-ce will present an audiovisual live set for the audience. 

Presenters: Claire FRISTOT, Rita EPERJESI, Mihály MINKÓ
Editor – moderator: Andrea KOVÁCS 
Creative concept: Let it Be! art agency