József Csató: Each and Every Kiss

The Erika Deák Gallery is delighted to present new works by József Csató.

The art of Csató (1980, Mezőkövesd) reveals his devoted enthusiasm to studio-experience. The atelier of an artist has a romantic image in our heads and Csató’s studio embodies this picture:  it is crammed with colourful pots, tubes, brushes, rags, notes, sketches, and moulds. Stains of paints decorate walls and floors, as if his work space is an extended three-dimensional image of his paintings.

The inspiration of his most recent works comes from his countless sketchbook drawings, that he calls sketchbook-mythologies, and now his small pencil lines became human sized projections of a universe full of dreams and marvellous creatures. Csató’s latest works unite art historical references and different visual languages, one can think of fairy-tale or pop cultural iconography or of surrealist visuality, and the combination of figurative and abstract elements mark nothing less than the freedom and autonomy of their creation. Csató mixes, matches and often repeats elements on his paintings, shapes of plants, hybrid figures resembling geometric shapes, tubes, drops, tiles and purely fictional signs appear and re-appear. He melts past and present together, embraces our eyes and leads it from one image to the next.

Opening: 8th May, 2019, Wednesday, 6 PM
On view: 9. May – 8. June, 2019