Video: Gábor Gyukics recites poems in two languages

Gábor Gyukics, poet, literary translator, author of books and editor of collections of many genres, and initiatior of Jazz Poetry sessions in Hungary, celebrates his birthday today. Some days ago, he contributed to an online cultural event, UnDeR SZubCulT, where he recited poems in English and Hungarian. We are happy to share the video with you all to wish many happy returns of the day to him!

Gabor G. Gyukics is a Hungarian American poet and literary translator. He is known for translating American poetry to Hungarian and Hungarian poetry to English. Gabor G. Gyukics is a member of the Szépírók Társasága – Hungarian Society of Writers, Critics and Literary Translators. Gyukics was born in Hungary in 1958. He left Hungary for Holland in 1986. In 1988, he moved to the U.S., where he worked until moving back to Budapest in 2002. He was the founder of a series of open poetry readings combined with jazz in Hungary starting in1999. His current work focuses on translations of Native American poetry and American poetry. Gyukics and Michael Castro used to collaborate on translations of contemporary poems from Hungarian to English between 1989 and 2000. Together, they also translated the poetry of Attila József.