I-opener: A call for empathy in times of ecological crisis

I-opener is a free immersive video installation that aims to cultivate a deeper sense of ecological awareness. To do so, it creates an interaction between the public and the art medium. The science behind our impact on Nature is hard to grasp because it is so complex. For this reason, I-opener devises an aesthetic approach that makes participants feel their role in our global ecosystem instead of just learning impersonal facts about it.

The movement of ecological consciousness started in the 20th century and states that Humans are earthlings, but not “Masters of the Earth”. Too many ecological initiatives capitalise on the empathy felt for a so-called “Nature” instead of for upcoming human generations. We prefer to see ourselves as altruists and saviours of our environment, rather than shifting our responsibility towards our descendance.

I-opener highlights several species that are currently benefiting from climate change and the ecological imbalance caused by our current paradigm. The jellyfish is the prime example, and unfortunately for us it is practically impossible to feel empathy or sympathy for it. By showcasing those species, we may reconsider what we truly value in these times of crisis.

The installation will run in Turbina Cultural Center for 4 days only before artist/creator Oliver will tour over Europe with his project (Kassel, Berlin, Karlsruhe, France, Belgium…). To ensure you have a place reserved for you, tell us when you plan to come here:

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The video installation room bears a surprise and thus can only be visited once!

Anyone is welcome, the more diverse the crowd, the better. The video will be in ENG with ENG subtitles.